Which Washing Machine – Concise Guide

When looking for a washing machine, you need to buy the most efficient model that suits your own personal lifestyle.

First thing to remember is the space you have allocated. It is no good buying a large 27 inch model if you have only a 25 inch space. So only look at the ones that are in the sizes you want.

There are several manufacturers out there, you need to buy according to your budget, and you can choose from a top-loading machine to a front-loading machine.

Front loading machines can be stacked with a dryer on top to save space. It spins clothes faster so extracts more water, this saves energy and money. It requires an automatic washing powder, and uses less water so this makes it cost efficient. ifb washing machine 6.5 kg Costs more to purchase.

Top loading machines offers easier access to wash tub, but is less energy efficient. It uses regular detergent powder, but cannot be stacked to save space. Costs less money to buy.

There is also a choice of washing machines, those that are plumbed in permanently, or the ones that can be rolled to the sink and then connected to your water supply. These movable machines are ideal if you live in a small apartment where there is little space to install your machine. Most have a similar warranty and normally offer one year cover for parts and labor.

When choosing your machine try and make sure there is a local company to service it. Washing machines do need to be serviced to keep running smoothly and it is no good having a top notch machine, but nobody local to look after it for you.

When choosing the washer look out for the Energy Guide Sticker, these are normally yellow, and stuck onto the front of the machine for your information. The lower the rating number on the sticker, the more efficient the machine is.

A lot of machines have sophisticated control panels. It is no good buying these if you do not understand them. After all a washing machine is for convenience, not to have to get the manual out every time you need to use it. Easy operating can be a god send.

Think about how often you wash, if you wash often it would probably be beneficial to buy one that has a stainless steel tub, this will give you the best performance. Those people who wash less frequently have choices of the porcelain-coated steel drum or high grade plastic. It is your choice and obviously how much money you have available to spend.

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